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Jennifer Rodrigue Biography

My work reflects the textures of life that inspire me, such as my hometown, New Orleans, as well as the invigorating culinary components surrounding it. Architecturally speaking, it is the old infused with the new, and the timeless elements that will forever influence this town. 

My self-taught process is a unique, creative outlet I discovered ten years ago and never knew existed; it embodies a compilation of various textured mediums infused with the colors and serenity of the sea. By integrating a meticulous layering technique consisting of plasters, acrylics, and oils, a rich, organic atmosphere is created. 

Whether painting a commission, or strictly from the heart, each piece has its own unique criteria: all paintings are personally hand-sculpted and hand-created by myself -- no two are the same or reproduced. My ability to create is liberating, and doing so enables me to embrace and explore my exclusive process. 

Public installations can be seen in University Medical Center and Borgne Restaurant, both located in the CBD in New Orleans.

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